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100 Rogues is a roguelike role-playing video game developed by Dinofarm Games and published by Fusion Reactions for iOS.

In 100 Rogues, players take on the role of one of several avatars, and battle their way through a series of randomly generated dungeons in a quest to kill Satan. Currently those two classes are the Human Crusader, a childlike paladin type character, and the Fairy Wizard, a brooding, angsty Crystal magic user. It is known for its full pixel-art animation, a Super Nintendo styled soundtrack, and its whimsical sense of humor.


100 Rogues was received very well, getting 4 or 5 stars from most reviewers.Complaints were mostly focused on the stability of the game on release; several critics noted crashes or other bugs. Dinofarm Games made very quick attempts to fix these issues and some reviewers have since tempered their reviews.