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March, 2012





Blocks on Ice is a mobile game that is currently available on the Android OS. It is a game in the Brain/Puzzle category on the Google Play Store. The player controls Mr. Blocky and guides him through a series of puzzles, helping him to eat as much cake along the way. Also, there is a free version with ads displayed on the bottom of the screen called Blocks on Ice Free.


Blocks on ice gameplay 1

One puzzle from the game.

The game is played by sliding Mr. Blocky around the stage to the cake. He can slide horizontally and vertically, and will continue to slide until he runs into something else. There are also ice blocks, brick blocks, and holes. When running into ice blocks he will stop, but the block will continue to move. Brick blocks are always in the same place on the board and cannot ever be moved. Mr. Blocky can't fall in holes or else he will get stuck. But if he pushes ice blocks into any hole, he will be able to slide right over it.