Brothers in Arms 2: Global Front
Brothers in Arms 2




iOS, Android

Release date



Action-adventure game, First-person shooter


Single-player, Multi-player


Apple: 12+

Brothers in Arms 2: Global Front is a first-person shooter developed by Gameloft for iOS, Kindle Fire, and Android. It is the sequel to Brothers in Arms: Hour of Heroes and is part of the Brothers in Arms series. The game was re-released as a free download on November 22, 2011, renamed Brothers in Arms 2: Global Front Free+. However, there are still in-game purchases, including guns, ammo, armor and health kits.

Plot Edit

The game begins as the player character, Corporal David Wilson, parachutes into a jungle. While attacking a radio station in an island in the Solomon Islands, he is stabbed by a Japanese soldier. In the hospital, he receives a letter informing him of his brother's death and of the revoking of his brother's Medal of Honor. Convinced there is a conspiracy at work, Wilson sets out to find the truth about his brother's death. Ultimately, he discovers that Lt. Dyer was smuggling medical supplies under David's brother's squad, and Dyer was responsible for his death.

Gameplay Edit

Brothers in Arms 2: Global Front shares similar gameplay to that of the Modern Combat series more so than its own predecessor, Brothers in Arms: Hour of Heroes. The game takes place entirely from a first-person perspective, except for certain cutscenes. It originally featured a cover system and a run function, but both were removed from the game when it was re-released in 2011.

In multiplayer mode for the iOS and Android versions, players can use dog tags, which they receive from killing other players, to buy reinforcements that will attack the enemy and earn its team points (however, killing the reinforcements will not earn points for the opposing team). In lieu of dog tags, the Kindle version has weapons available for pick-up in game. Dog tags are also used to purchase weapons and ammo, as well as other equipment, such as gear, grenades, and health kits, which can be carried to and from the single player campaign. In addition, multiplayer mode on different devices (e.g. Kindle vs iOS) is possible.