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Backflip Studios


iOS, Android

Release date

September 14, 2011




Apple: +5


Dragonvale is a breeding simulation with the objective being to get all the variations of dragon available in game at once. Players raise dragons to adulthood by feeding them treats. It has cute dragons that you can breed in the breeding cave or island. You will create new dragons by breeding, for instance, the Sakura, bloom and Clover dragon. There are dragons only available for a short time each year, or cycle of years, for instance, the Leap Year Dragon, only available to players every four years and the Reindeer Dragon, only available around December, while Panlong dragons appear every twelve years in the year of the dragon. Fifteen elements are possible when breeding dragons, eight of them common, seven of them rare. The basic elements are, in order of obtainment of their basic dragon: Plant, Earth, Fire, Cold, Lightning, Water, Metal, and Air. These element basic elemental dragons can breed with each other to produce new hybrid dragons. The Gemstone dragons include the Emerald, Pearl, Ruby and Peridot dragons. These dragons are bred through unique combinations. There are five rare elements: Sun, Moon, Rainbow, Gemstone, Silver, Olympus and Seasonal. All of these rare types cost gems, and as do all other hybrids.


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