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Dungeon Village




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Dungeon Village is a game developed by Kairosoft for Android and iOS. The player is placed in control of an RPG's town, and tasks the player with expanding the town and attracting heroes to live in it. It received mostly positive reviews from critics.


Dungeon Village places the player in control of a village in a stereotypical RPG setting. The main goal of the game is to attract heroes to your town and direct them to fight monsters outside of the city's limits. In order to attract heroes, the player must have the city hold events which attract outside attention and fame, and must improve their city by building new buildings. As monsters arrive, the player can direct heroes to perform quests and give them gifts so they become more favorable to the city.


The game received mostly positive reviews from critics, who felt that the setting was charming and the gameplay to be addictive. IGN called Dungeon Village one of the best Kairosoft games that had been released, noting that the setting was charming and the gameplay was addictive. Eurogamer highlighted the game as the website's "App of the Day", praised the addictive gameplay as well, and complimented the developer's sense of humor for playing on storied video game character names for the heroes' names. Gamezebo felt that despite the game's simplicity and confusing instructions, that it was incredibly hard to put down. Pocket Gamer called the game, "a resounding success for Kairosoft", and praised the game's premise as being more original than other titles in their game library had been.