Epic Citadel
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Epic Games

Release date

September 1, 2010



Epic Citadel is a tech demo developed by Epic Games for the iOS to show off the Unreal Engine 3 running on iOS deviceS. The application allows players to explore a medieval landscape devoid of life or other objects with which to interact. Nonetheless this demonstration garnered significant attention as it showcases a free SDK called Epic’s Unreal Development Kit.

The game uses dual zones of touchscreen control that are mapped as virtual joysticks. One controls the camera angle, the other controls the motion of the camera. The tech demo allows players to navigate through a fictional castle realm with various areas such as a circus bazaar, a river and a cathedral. The artwork of this demo was created by Shane Claudie and the program itself was created in eight weeks by a small team of programmers at Epic Games using the UDK.

The tech demo was a precursor to the video game, Infinity Blade, for iOS which was released on December 09, 2010.