Grand Prix Story
Grand Prix Story




iOS, Android

Release date

June, 2011







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Grand Prix Story is an auto racing management simulation game developed and published by Kairosoft for the Android and iOS operating systems. It was released for Android in June, 2011, and for iOS on September 8, 2011. The player serves as the manager for a racing team and controls the research and development of the team's cars, its crew and drivers, and the races they perform in. The game was released to mostly positive reviews.


Grand Prix Story is a management simulation game, in which the player controls a new racing team. Players progress their team through races, which earn them money and unlocks longer and more difficult single race and grand prix events. As the game progresses, the terrain on which the cars race often changes, forcing the player to take into account varying road conditions and rain.

One of the large differences from past Kairosoft efforts such as Game Dev Story and Hot Springs Story is that progress is made visual during races. The player does not control the cars during races, and instead watches as their driver races the cars that they have improved and worked on beforehand. As the player's team wins Grand Prix events, the racing team expands to include multiple teams that the player must manage.