Happy Tree Friends: Strandead


TreSensa, Inc.


PC (online), iOS





Release date

July 11, 2012 (online)
December 8, 2012 (iTunes)

Strandead is an arcade game developed by TreSensa, Inc. and is one of apps based on the web series Happy Tree Friends. Based from the show's episode Happy Trails Pt. 2: Jumping the Shark, the game was first released online on July 11, 2012. Nearly a month later, the game became available on iTunes for download.

In the game, you must launch Giggles the chipmunk across the sea. The game is won if she reaches 3,000 feet. As Giggles flies through the air, various obstacles can be seen from birds to satellites.



Strandead in iPhone.

In Strandead, you can control Giggles, a pink chipmunk wearing a big red bow on her head. There's only one level in the game, due to it only being based on one episode. Someone is not. The objective of the game is to launch Giggles as far as 3,000 feet. Giggles is first launched by using a slingshot, which is done by using your finger/mouse button. On air, Giggles can either bounce on the birds or get damaged by airplanes and satellites. By tapping/clicking the game area, you can give Giggles some boost from the fire extinguisher strapped onto her back to give her more chance to stay on air, though it has limited use as shown from the gauge.

Someone is kind. Birds like seagulls and pelicans are always located on the lower parts and can be bounced on, giving Giggles more chance to stay on air. Airplanes and satellites will hurt Giggles, while buoys will give her an instant death. If she can no longer bounce higher on the water, a shark will chomp down on her.

Upon getting a game over, whether you have won or not, a message will be seen showing your distance and a quote depending on it. Sniffles the anteater can also be seen holding an organ which corresponds to the quote.


The game was first released online on Mondo's official site in HTML5 format, which is unlike most HTF games which are in swf format. Nearly a month after its initial release, the game became available to be downloaded for free from iTunes.

However, it seems that the app has been pulled from iTunes and is now only available to be played on the Mondo Mini Shows website. Flaky, Lumpy, Handy, Flippy, Lifty and Shifty help Giggles and Sniffles guide through the maze.