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OpenFeint is a social platform and application for Android and iOS. It was developed by Aurora Feint, a company named after the video game of the same name, by the same developers. Similar iPhone social platforms include Plus+, Crystal, Gameloft Live, Scorel∞p, Geocade, Scoreoid, agon• and Apple's Game Center.


OpenFeint is a 'social platform' which allows developers to add social networking aspects to their games with minimal additional programming. It lets users add friends, see what their friends are playing, view leaderboards, forums and live chat. It also advertises other 'OpenFeint enabled' games. For most games OpenFeint is optional and works as a 'layer' on top of the actual game. OpenFeint enabled games may include the OpenFeint logo to the corner of their icon.

While OpenFeint (the SDK) is the social platform, the company has created separate applications that promote/advertise developers' games.

Game Channel (iOS): Game Channel is an application which gives users access to OpenFeint's Free Game of the Day, Fire Sale, and Gold Game

Free Game of the Day: Every day a new game is made free for download
Fire Sale: Premium Games costing more than $2.99 are voted on by the community to have their price reduced
Gold Game: An area to recognize the most successful games on the OpenFeint platform

Feint Spotlight (Android): Feint Spotlight is an application which gives users access to OpenFeint's current game selection on the Android platform


The first iteration of OpenFeint was launched on February 17, 2009.

Version 2.0 was released in June 2009, and marked the first time that the platform was free for developers to integrate into their own applications.

Version 2.1 was released on August 14 2009, featuring "Social challenges", which allowed users to create tasks for themselves and their friends to attempt within games and notified users when new challenges were available. It also allowed users to add "Friends" and introduced a new user interface.

Version 2.4 was released on January 8, 2010, with a revamped layout and a standalone OpenFeint app. As of January 2010, there are over 900 applications in the IOS App Store that use OpenFeint, and there are over ten million users registered on the network.

On September 15, 2010, OpenFeint announced that it would be supporting Android. In March 2011, one of the moderators of OpenFeint launched a PHP website of OpenFeint's forums. This website allows OpenFeint users to see the forums and their profile pages.

Notable ApplicationsEdit

The following is a list of some of the many applications that use/are integrated with OpenFeint:

Fruit Ninja
Tiny Wings
The Moron Test
Robot Unicorn Attack
Championship Manager series
Bomberman Touch 2: Volcano Party
geoDefense Swarm
Pocket God
Rollercoaster Rush