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Apple: 4+

Solar Balls is an arcade game created by Lorisware Software and released into the Apple App Store during May 2012. The game concept is to save the Earth from fiery 'Solar Balls' which will destroy Earth unless they are deflected into the correct targets.


Players must use their fingers to flick colored balls into targets of the correct color in order to prevent them from destroying Earth. The game features 16 mission levels, and 3 bonus levels. In each level colored balls fly into the screen from the top, bottom, left or right sides. The balls are of different sizes, and react to differing gravity settings in each level. On some levels there are static or moving obstacles which can deflect the bouncing balls. The player will pass each level if they fire a sufficient quantity of balls into the target. If the level is completed the next level is unlocked. An arcade mode level allows the game to be played with no time limit. The objective in arcade mode is to simply get as high a score as possible.


Solar Balls has a space theme. Each level features an image from NASA's copyright free collection. During the level countdown information about the image can be accessed by tapping on the location name at the bottom of the screen.


The game is written using the Cocos2d and UIKit frameworks for iOS. The Box2D physics engine was used for animating the bouncing balls, and collision detection.