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iOS 3.1.3+ Mobile Speed Test, or more commonly known as just Speed Test or, is a utility created by Ookla designed to measure your device's current broadband statistics. The application originally was developed on a website with the same name.


Measuring your broadband statistics with the app is easy. Simply click the large blue "Begin Test" button in the middle of the screen, and your ping, download speed, and upload speed will be measured, along with a stylish animating odometer to go along while it is being measured. After its done, you'll have your measurements.

Easter EggEdit

If you drag down the odometer after you've finished a test, you will see a cat, and a small story about him. Every time you drag the odometer down you'll be brought with the next piece of the story. The table below shows the corresponding image with the number of times you have brought the odometer down.

Times Quotation
1 "OOKLA" The cat we named our company after. [seriously]
2 He belongs to one of us. But really, he is his own master.
3 Attempts to groom him will result in bloodshed. (Your blood, not his)
4 Therefore, he is in a state of constant grooming... Always seen walking around with random chunks of fur shaved away.
5 Where did he go?
6 You will see him again soon...
8-10 No Easter egg
11 Stop playing with it. You'll grow blind.
12-14 No Easter egg
15 Y U NO STOP PLAYING?! (Showing the Y U NO meme)


  • Settings - change your speed test settings, including your results sorting, display, server, and other broadband related information like your IP.
  • Results - view past speed tests and their results.
  • About - brings you to a page about the developer, Ookla, and Privacy Policy.


Hastighedstest is generally the same thing as the standard Speed Test, except that it is in German and that it has a different appearance. The functions and menu have the same result, however.