The mobile phone games wiki is always looking for new staff members to add to the team. When applying, please provide the following information:

  • The position you're applying for
  • A list of wikis where you are active
  • A list of gaming platforms that you are knowledgeable about
  • Do you know any programming languages such as CSS, HTML, and/or JavaScript?
  • Have you had a job in the past that required a type of worker management or management of any type?
  • Are you currently blocked on any wikis? Please include links so that we can assess the situation and determine if the block is even relevant.

These are requirements for being a staff member. By posting an application, you confirm that you meet or will meet all of these requirements:

  • You must be thirteen years of age or older.
  • You must strictly follow the rules if you are promoted.
  • You must receive a recommendation from one registered user of Wikia.


Please post your applications below this line.