Developer(s) Godzilab
Platform(s) Android, iOS
Release date UNK
Genre(s) UNK
Mode(s) Massively online multiplayer

Offline single-player

Rating(s) N/A

StarDunk is a video game for the Android as well as iOS. It was made by Godzilab and released for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. The game has a sequel titled StarDunk Gold. It has achieved over 4 million downloads.

Gameplay Edit

Stardunk is a basketball game where the objective is to shoot the ball through the hoop. Set in space, it is a massively multiplayer game where the player competes at shooting against other players, in a space backdrop.

Reception Edit

Stardunk has received positive reviews. On Google Play, Stardunk has a five-star rating as of 28 July 2012. It currently holds a four-star rating on the app store. Android Tapp gave it a maximum five stars, saying that it is "huge, online multiplayer, basketballing extravaganza". Android Police claimed that "Stardunk is a great time-killing game where you can jump in for a few minutes". Touch Arcade praised the game, saying "Star Dunk is an entertaining take on a popular sport that should have the competitive types champing at the bit for a long time to come" but criticized the fact that there is no way to challenge friends directly. Gamezebo scored StarDunk 3.5/5.