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Temple Run
Temple Run


Imangi Studios, LLC

Current Version


Original Release

Aug. 4, 2011


Android, iOS

Temple Run is a popular endless run game designed by Imangi Studios, LLC, and released on iOS and Android devices. The game was released originally for iOS devices on August 4, 2011 and immediately reached almost instant popularity. The app peaked as high as #1 in downloads according to iTunes. Its sudden popularity foced Imangi Studios to release the app on Android devices in March 2012. There, the app reached 1 million downloads in only 3 days.


Temple Run is an endless run game where the player controls an adventurer who steals an idol from a temple and must avoid obstacles as long as possible to avoid being eaten by "evil monkeys." There are obastacles that the player must avoid by jumping, sliding, and turning.


As time passes and the game progressively gets harder, the setting the player is in may change. The only differences between them are that the appearance of obstacles changes. There are 3 phases, or settings, in the game:

Phase Description
Temple The player begins gameplay in this phase. It is characterized by walkways with a temple like feel, with arches, blocking trees, and mysterious glowing obstacles that the player must avoid
Cliff The cliff is characterized as rocky and narrow rockways that the player can fall off of if they are careless. There are numerous gaps that the player will have to jump over.
Docks The docks are different from the other phases as there is a slight fog that may drop vision. The phase has a spooky feel, with obstacles containing skulls on them.
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