Virtual Villagers
VirtualVillagersANewHome cover


Last Day of Work


Last Day of Work


Nintendo DS,


Palm OS

Release date

July 18, 2006


Life simulation, God game




ESRB: E10+

Virtual Villagers is a handheld device game for all ages created and designed by Last Day of Work. It allows the user to make decisions for the life of their little villagers. Virtual Villagers: A New Home was the first Virtual Villagers game and was released July 18, 2006. Virtual Villagers: A New Home starts when the villagers previous island was destroyed, so they moved to a new island known as Isola, this island has been the main point in much of Last Day of Work's games. Including Plant Tycoon, Fish Tycoon and all the Virtual Villagers. Virtual Villagers 2: The Lost Children is the second installment to Virtual Villagers, it involves two curious teens searching around for things but in the end fall down a water fall to find many lost children. They attempt to rebuild the children's society. Virtual Villagers 3: Secret City is the third installment to the Virtual Villagers series, it involves villagers exploring the island of Isola and discover a abandoned city. This city looks like it was abandoned abruptly and the villagers try to find the reason as they rebuild the city. Virtual Villagers 4: The Tree of Life is the fourth installment to the Virtual Villagers series, it pertains to a large, holy tree that the villagers try to bring back to life. This tree is important to the life of many of the villagers and is used for worship. Virtual Villagers 5: The New Believers, is the 5th installment to the Virtual Villagers series. It involves the villagers being kidnapped by a tribe of Non-believers. The villagers and your sole reason is to make the other tribe believe in what the villagers believe.Virtual Villagers: Origins adds to the first Virtual Villagers, Virtual Villagers: A New Home.


The games are based on puzzles and strategy and have an underlying motive throughout with a fusion of ethnic and cultural backgrounds surrounding a mythical island called Isola. There are four portions to the island, in which the game is set, being the cardinal points of the compass.

In the first game, A New Home, islanders have lived in peace for many years on their island; but, one day, a volcano erupted and destroyed their home. The survivors fled and discovered another island called Isola, where they make their new home.There, they must uncover the secrets and puzzles of Isola and create a village. This game is based around organizing and growing a village to develop villagers with more skill sets, culminating in giving birth to a child with all five skill sets.